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This document is a collection of miscellaneous SCASM infos.


The following information is mainly related to older FS versions

Some often used FS internal variables (hex)
Most of this variables should not be modified by the user ! Be very carfull when using other FS variables. It is known that the use of some other varables which work in FS5.1 can crash FS6.0/FS95 and later versions.
282  running bit timer. There is one bit running
from 0000.0000.0000.0001 to 1000.0000.0000.0000 in about 6 seconds. Used for flashlights.
284  crash code (decimal). If you set one of these values FS will detect a crash.
mountain crash
14 building crash
16 crash with other aircraft (ignored in FS6)
288  Aircraft is in fuelbox flag. Set it to 1 and your fuel tanks are filled. Aircraft speed must be nearly zero, otherwise FS5 ignores this flag.
28A  FS version number, BCD coded.
hex/bcd decimal version
28C  Time of day code
33B  shortest 3D distance aircraft - referencepoint
340  textured ground flag
342  textured buildings flag
346  scenery density code
very sparse
very dense
extremely dense (FS2000)
37E  Aircraft delta X(east) coordinate from Refpoint
382  Aircraft delta Z(alt) coordinate from RefPoint
386  Aircraft delta Y(north) coordinate from RefPoint
38A  number of the day (1...365)
38C  year
390  textured water flag (FS5.1 & FS6)
6F8  season code (northern hemisphere)
0 = winter
1 = spring
2 = summer
3 = autum

Macros parameters for use with the Airport 2.xx program.
Macro files for Airport have a standard file extension of ".API" and they are using a standard parameter set. Not all macros are using all parameters. Thats why sometimes dummy values are passed to a macro.
%1 Latitude
%2 Longitude
%3 range (for the Area() command)
%4 scale factor (used in reference points)
%5 heading
%6 user parameter 1 (usually color 1)
%7 user parameter 2 (usually color 2)
%8 user parameter 3 (usually color 3)
%9 user parameter 4 (usually color 4)
%10 v1 value
%11 altitude for reference point
%12 scenery complexity code
%13 "v2="
%14 v2 value

FS5 type color codes:
Some color codes to use with the .Color() commands (hex values).
Colors of variable brightness, depending of the time of day (F0 colors)
Colors of variable brightness, depending of the time of day (F0 colors)
00 black
01 dark gray
02 gray
03 light gray
04 white
05 red
06 green
07 blue
08 orange
09 yellow
0A brown
0B beige
0C orange/brown
0D green/gray
0E blue/marine
constant colors, use it for ilumination.
0F red
10 green
11 blue
12 dark green/blue
13 orange
14 yellow
15 white (high intensity)
16 white/light gray (low intensity)


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