SCASM 2.91

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SCASM documents overview:
SCASM command line interface
Pseudo commands
* Update for FS9 extensions and changes!
Area, RefPoint, scaling
Jumps and Calls
Points, Dots and Lines
Textures and polygons
Roads and more
New FS200x commands 1
New FS200x commands 2
Runway related commands
Navigation radios
FS98/FS2000 facility data
New buildings and generic objects
Object libraries
Dynamic scenery commands
New crash detection
Math expressions and functions
Section 16 (11, 13) commands
Odds and ends...
FS2002 terrain (with FS2004 extensions)
CFS1 terrain
FS5 - FS98 ground tiles
FS5 style buildings
Feedback mail form (OFF_line)
Feedback mail form (ON_line)
SCASM homepage
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