News, fixes and updates


Jan./08/2005: SCASM 2.96 is now available. In this version the LWM altitude bug is fixed so it should work ok with SBuilder now.

Aug/31/04 + June/13/04: I just uploaded an early SCASM beta version with some of the new FS2004 commands implemented. This version is far away from being complete and may have a lot of bugs. Also the format of some instructions may be changed in later versions. I see this version as a base for discussions.
You can download the new version (295f) here. The backward compatibility bug is fixed now.

Mar./26/04: SCASM 2.91 is now available. This version supports the new FS2004 VTP/LWM terrain extensions.

AFDLINK does not work as expected in Windows XP®. Since I don't have Windows XP I cannot find a work-around in the moment!

Recently I receive some requests about the error codes from AFDLINK/AFDLinkHelper. The new docu file afdlink.htm now includes the error codes.
Code 5 indicates a problem when scanning the input file for ICAO IDs.

All AFDLINK versions before 1.2 have a bug that changes some AI traffic data in the original BGL files. As a result there might be problems with the AI traffic.
So do not use any version before 1.2. Older versions do not show an icon in the Windows Explorer.