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Files Description
SCASM 2.96 New version with the LWM altitude bug fixed.
Size abt. 95 kb Documentation for the implemented FS9 instructions. Unfortunately I had not found the time to add this documentation to the different doc-files. Also I expect this file to be canged frequently, so I made it available as a separate file.
SCASM 2.91 Updated version to feature the new FS2004 terrain data (VTP/LWM).
Size abt. 85 kb SCASM 2.91 documentation in HTML format.
Unzip the archive file into an directory of your choice and start with the file "index.htm".
Size abt. 130 kb SCASM terrain documentation update for version 2.91.
Replaces the sca_trn.htm in the SCASM 2.90 docs.
Size abt. 7 kb
AFDTree 1.4 A program to display some pilot information contained in the *AFD files. (AFD = Airport Facility Directory)
This version is a quick and uncomplete adoption to the new FS2002 file format.
Size abt. 50kb
AFDLink AFDLINK 1.2 - Not for use on Windows XP® systems!
Not for FS2004 and later!
A small tool to replace specific airport container data records in the FS2002 *AFD files. To generate the replacement data you also need SCASM 2.85 (or better) or an other program to create *ADF files.
Because of copyright matters it is not allowed to distribute the modified original files created by Microsoft®. We only can distribute the replacement data and let the scenery user do the modification with this tool.
Now with AFDLINKHELPER included.
Size abt. 43 kb A small programm for generating a library catalogue file. Works with object library files in FS2000 and FS2002 format. This version does not work with FS2004 files.
Size abt. 38kb
LibView A small tool to list the contents of a library BGL file. This version only show the object names, the object ID number and the object header data.
Size abt. 40 kb BGL File linker for traditional BGL files.
A small tool for combining a large number os small BGL files into a larger one. Mainly for FS5 to FS98 data.
Size abt. 42 kb
BGLTst A tool to check for formal errors in visual scenery BGL files (FS5 to FS98 types!). Most usefull for designers if the scenery is compiled by SCASM with the MAP switch active. I have removed it from the main distribution file because many designers don't use it.
Size abt. 45 kb

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I am testing my programs very carefully, but I cannot guarantee they are free of bugs. They come as they are. Use them at your own risk. Always make a backup copy of the original files to be modified.
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