Compatibility notes

Some notes about source text compatibility between different SCASM versions.

2.36 Change of names and formats of most library object related commands because of a change in the BGL file format (FS98/CFS,FS2K).
2.49 ILS2() instruction, format of the last parameter corrected.
2.50 The name of the MAP file is now derivated from the name of the output file. This is only important if these names are different.
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List of bug fixes

2.24 Bug in the Lat / Lon input system fixed. This bug only shows if small decimal values are entered without a leading number left of the decimal point.
2.25 Buffering bug fixed. Under some weired conditions it could happen that the working buffer was not initialised, which could result in a GPF.
2.38 Endless loop bug fixed. An input error in the AdvBldg()  command sometimes caused SCASM to enter an endless loop, searcing for the end of this command.
2.47 GenExcl() command is ignored in versions 2.47 to 2.49
2.49e In all versions up to 2.49e an overflow of the point coordinates buffer will trigger an GPF before the error message is sent.
2.49f In versions 2.47 to 2.49f the TimeZone() command is not recognised.
2.49g All versions from 2.47 to 2.49h ignore the ILS2() command
2.49h All long Area() types are not processed correctly in versions 2.47 to this one. This bug applies to type E as well as to the undocumented types 6, 9 & C.
2.80 Counter automatic in DrawTriList() fixed.
2.81 General referencepoint storage [GRP()] bug fixed. This bug happens when I optimised the new Area() codes in version 2.49?.
2.82 Fix of another DrawTriList() bug.
2.85 I forgot to implement the additional text for the AFD Frequency() command. This text is used by FS2002 only.
2.86 In this and all earlier versions the define HEX commands are not enabled for section 20 (AFD data).
2.87 In this and earlier versions the sequence of the RGB color code in the Light() command is wrong.
2.96 The LWM altitude bug is fixed now.
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Sending Bug reports

Unfortunately no program is perfect. So if you think you have found a bug in one of my programs or in its documentation send a short message to:
or to one of my other addresses. Please ensure that your message will satisfy the following specifications: