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SEEDs / synthetic tiles


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Synthetic tiles are not longer used in FS2000 / CFS1 and later.

In FS Seeds or synthetic tiles are used to cover large areas and to define the ground elevation. They are sorted in rows and columns and come in 6 different sizes. Traditionally 3rd party scenery designers call them section 1 tiles (largest size) to section 6 tiles (smallest size). The smaller the size the higher their priority in the scenery display machine.
Traditionally SCASM uses the same syntax to generate Seeds/tiles as BGLGEN. BGLGEN by Enno Borgsteede was the first public available program to generate FS5 sceneries.

This document does not contain a description of the different types of seeds / synth tiles. For this information please see Microsoft® FS98SDK. There you will also find information about the relationship between the seeds geographic position and the row/column format. If you do not use SCASM through a front end program like Airport or ASD you should look for a program named POSPLUS (by Pascal Meziat) to calculate the row/column information. You will also find some information in Maurizio Gavioli's FS5STRUC document.

Combat Flight Sim (CFS1) and FS2000 are using other methodes to define the default ground elevation. For CFS please look into the file sca_cfst.htm. Since it is not easy to handle the needed classlist data manually you may look for a front end program like CFSTmap (by. Martin Wright) to do this. The elevation data for FS2000 is not suported by SCASM because I have no information about the file format.

FS5 - FS98
Synth sect row

sect  section number (1...6) for scenery synth blocks. This section is used for all following Block commands until the next Synth command is entered.
row  row number for scenery synth blocks. This row is used for all following Block commands until the next Synth command is entered.

This command defines the section (size) and the row (latitude band) for the following Block commands. Section and row are valid until you insert a new Synth command.

FS5 - FS98
Block collunm sel1 sel2 object alt

collumn  collumn (position) of this block (decimal)
sel1  selector 1, 8 bit hex number
sel2  selector 2, 8 bit hex number
object  pattern to select an object type, (16 bit hex)
alt  altitude in meters above MSL

Example for an simple blue (sea) block at 5.3 meters altitude where I can put a scenery like an little island on.
Block  177  0  0  1111 5.3


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