SCASM - Scenery Assembler 2.88

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The scenery assembler "SCASM" is a low level tool for generating scenery files for the Microsoft ® Flight Simulator versions 5 to 2002.

SCASM.EXE and all related files come as they are. Use them at your own risk. The author of the SCASM package is not liable for any problems caused by these files. To avoid problems make backup copies before replacing or changing original FS files.

Copyright and redistribution terms
SCASM.EXE and all other programs related to this project are protected by copyright. Using SCASM and SCLINK is free of any charge as long as this does not require to redistribute SCASM itself.

SCASM may not be sold or redistributed in any form or on any media without written permission of the author. All SCASM versions which are redistributed with permission by the author will have an individual license number, file signature and sign up message.

Many thanks to the all the Flight Simulator fans who provided me with information and new ideas or assisted in testing. I owe special thanks to the following persons who helped me when I started the SCASM project years ago:
  Jan Nielsen, Hermann Lange, Maurizio M. Gavioli, Bert Vierstra, Jose' Carlos Monteiro, Carlos Coimbra, Andras Kozma, Konstantin Kukushkin, Rafael Sanchez

Microsoft, Windows and Flight Simulator are registered trademarks.


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