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FS5 style buildings

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Building( )

Old fashioned FS5 style buildings. Do not use them for FS2000 and later. FS2000 has texture display problems with these commands.

FS5 - FS98 (FS2000)
Building( delta_x delta_z delta_y height x y type wallflags )

This command draws one of the FS5 internal standard buildings. You should use an own RefPoint() for each building. Buildings can be rotated with an RotatedCall().
Note: These Buildings do not look well in FS2000 so better to the AdvBldg() command.

delta_?  delta coordinates from the active Reference point, usually 0 (int). Caution, if you are using large Delta_? values you may notice some strange visibility effects with other buildings nearby! For beginners I strongly recommend to use zerovalues.
Also each building should have its own Reference point and its own PerspectiveCall() instruction.
height  the height of the building. It seems this is measured in number of floors where each floor is 4 refpoint units (integer).
x, y  X/Y (east-west/north-south) dimensions (integer) of the building.
type  hex value, the lower 3 bits are coresponding to the SIDEx.R8 bitmaps files. To get the desired type add one value from each group.
00  beige with vertical stripes
01  white with vertical stripes
02  dark gray with vertical stripes
03  gray with vertical stripes
04  white with dark vertical stripes
05  white with horizontal stripes
06  beige with horizontal stripes
07  light gray with vertical stripes

The bits 3 and 4 defines the shape of the building.
00  normal building
08  inclined roof, roof pointing to the north
10  inclined walls, like a pyramid
18  octogonal building, -> additional wallbits needed
8000  Instead the predefined SIDE#.R8 bitmaps a user defined bitmap is used. ->Bitmap()
Use the Bitmap() command just before the Building().
Note 1: the bitmap must have a special design.
Note 2: It seems that FS does not allow to combine this option with other's.

  other bits unknown
wallflags  Hex value. There is a bit for every wall and the roof. Normaly set to FFFF, 1FF or 1F.
0001  roof
0002 west
0004 east
0008 south
0010 north
0020 south-east (needed for octogonal Buildgs.)
0040 south-west ( -"- )
0080 north-east ( -"- )
0100 north-west ( -"- )

Example for the use of a rotated building with shadow:
Area( 5 54:55:25.6584  8:20:19.7976 8 )
    PerspectiveCall( :SubRoutine1 )
    ShadowCall( :SubRoutine1a )
    Jump( : )

    RefPoint( rel :no_building  1
              54:55:25.6584  8:20:19.7976 )
    ;  Note, since this refpoint lays in a subroutine
    ;  the label must NOT point to the end of the
    ;  block but to a Return command!
    RotatedCall( :SubRoutine2 0 0 -3.5 )
    Building( 0 0 0  5 35 50  0 1F )



FS5 - FS98

This command generates a standard city, the same buildings as on some FS5 Synth tiles.

Area( 5 53:42:30  07:49:20  80 )
    PerspectiveCall( :A )
    Jump( : )
    RefPoint( rel :B 16  53:42:30 7:49:20  v1= 10000 )


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